Loggerheads - The Lost Years 02/09


Director of Photography, Ross Isaacs getting at shot along the Peruvian harbour with the HDCAM HDW-730.

L-R: Rebecca McElroy (Line Producer), Jeremy Hogarth (Director), Ross Isaacs (DOP)

 Beautifully coloured boats fill the harbours.

Director Jeremy Hogarth watches on as Ross lines a shot. Pro-Cam HD lenses such as the 5.7 wide seen here catches the action.

Loggerhead Turtles often get caught on long lines off the coast of the country.

 Turtle conservationists constantly check the lines and free trapped turtles, testing and tagging as they go.

 The turtles are then released into safer waters.

The Loggerheads have the longest migration path of any animal in the world, travelling from Queensland to Peru and back.

The PMW-EX1 in its Gates housing awaits its dive.

Ross shooting caught sharks in the water. The Gates housing provides full mechanical operation, which makes it more reliable than conventional electronic housings.

The shark tangles itself in the struggle.

Tyrone Canning (Unit Manager/Dive Buddy) shoots with the PMW-EX1 in a Ewa Marine Waterbag.

On the beach at Mon Repos very early in the morning DOP Peter Nearhos is getting the hatchlings crawling to the water while Rebecca is helping with the lights.

The Llama says goodbye from Peru!



"Loggerheads - The Lost Years" is a Gulliver Media produced project.

Pictures are courtesy of Tyrone Canning and are not to be reproduced without permission of the author.


Equipment coordinated by Timmy & Margie.


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