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Fujinon HD Cine Zoom HAc15x7.3-F T2
$500/day (pre GST) $550/day (inc GST)

Compact High Performance Cine Zoom with minimised focus breathing and a constant T2 throughout the entire zoom range. (7.3mm - 110mm)
Canon HD Wide Angle Lens (HJ 11x 4.7B)
Digital drive
4.7 - 52 (9.4 - 104 with doubler)
Fujinon HD Wide Angle Lens (HA 10x 5E)
5 - 50 (10 - 100 with doubler)
Fujinon Broadcast 20x Lens with Doubler
Canon Broadcast 15x Lens with Doubler
Canon IF 18x Lens
Canon 33x Zoom Lens
Fujinon 5.5 Wide Angle Lens
Fujinon 6.5 Wide Angle Lens
Canon Stabiliser Lens
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